In March 2022, The Lovett School premiered a podcast to promote the school called “Living Lovett: Stories From the Riverbank.” The recent episode entitled “Where Has the Time Gone? Conversations with the Class of 2012” featured nine Lovett graduates who spoke about the school’s excellence in academics, athletics, and arts (the trio Lovett referred to for decades as “whole child” education) when they were students ten years ago. During the podcast, one alum went on to graduate from the U.S. Naval Academy and became a Navy fighter pilot, crediting the lessons he learned at Lovett about “relentless pursuit of excellence” in part for his career success in the service.

But on Aug. 15, 2020, “pursuit of excellence” was replaced with “equity of outcomes” when Lovett’s board of trustees adopted a 16-page plan to change the school’s policies, curriculum, and activities based on recommendations made by its diversity consultant, Robert Greene.

Parents are seeing “equity of outcomes” show up in Lovett’s classrooms: a decline in hiring standards, admissions standards, curriculum, grading and homework policies, faculty training, school activities and the like. But parents who raise concerns are either ignored, told “perhaps this isn’t the right place for you,” or their children (in the case of at least two families) are expelled.

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